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Finds if a multi field contains a reference or value, meeting the $condition. Should be used as a function in condition of ptb_select.

Simple version of this function is isThere.


$var = ptb_select($database, "isThereExt('fieldname', $condition)");

Syntax description

variable containing connected database
condition upon which records should be selected

In $condition instead of sought value of a fieldname you should always use \$piece (see samples below)!


Find all records belonging to the category, which code is greater than 5 (they may belong to more categories than one, though, since it's a multi field!):

$var = ptb_select($myDatabase, "isThereExt('%category', '\$piece > 5')");

Find all records, for which name of category contains 'fiction':

$var = ptb_select($myDatabase, "isThereExt('category', 'eregi(\'fiction\', \$piece)')");