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Appends table from $filename at the end of connected $database. If first field of both databases is id and no $keyField is used, then id of appended database is renumbered, starting from the biggest value of $database's id plus 1. Identity of two databases' structure (ie. field names and number) is not checked. If $database is not an array, the other one (being appended) is returned.


$var = ptb_append($database, $filename[, $location = PTB_DEFAULT_DB_LOCATION[, $recursive = true[, $keyField = '']]]);

Syntax description

variable containing connected database
name of file containing the database to be appended
optional: location of $filename; can be:
globally defined (in ptb_ini.php) directory
local directory (ie. the same where script calling ptb_connect is placed)
other, defined directory, eg. /samples/db (no trailing slash)
filename (ie. absolute or relative path without DOCUMENT_ROOT dependency)
optional: specifies whether linked fields should be read; can be set to true (default) or false
optional: see ptb_connect for description; should be used if $database was connected to with the same $keyField


This function returns array on success and null (=false) on failure.

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