Firefox 3

Tweaking script

Some features may be built in pjjTextBase, but come switched off or vice-versa: sometimes you might want to switch them on or off for yourself–meaning manually edit the script and uncomment/comment appropriate lines, eg. with /* */. These features will be described here.

Please bear in mind that most probably you don't want to change the default settings, though.

Features that you might want to switch on

Pipe sign encoding

Sometimes you need to write pipe sign | into the data file as a part of a field value. You may not, however, use it in the straightforward way, since it would mess up record structure. What you have to do is to encode the sign with PIPE constant, as defined in ptb_ini.php. pjjTextBase can revert it back for you during connecting your data file, but this feature is switched off by default for performance reason. To switch it on, you have to uncomment one line of pjjTextBase code and comment another: it is described in detail in How to set up pjjTextBase chapter.

The PIPE constant will be no more used in future versions of pjjTextBase, since it never wasn't a good idea and there's much simpler solution: before writing anything to your database make sure you have changed all pipes (coming e.g. from a form) into proper entity: |, which by all modern browsers is displayed as a pipe. No more need for you to play with commenting/uncommenting lines of the script, then.