Firefox 3

Bug reporting guidelines

I like getting bug reports (not that I get many ;-) since it is good way to make pjjTextBase better–and I want to continuously improve my script. However, before you let me know that something doesn't work as you expected, please make sure:

  1. you use the latest version of pTB
  2. you have error reporting switched on (PTB_SHOW_ERRORS is set to true in ptb_ini.php)
  3. you have error displaying set to "on" and error reporting level set to "all" in your php.ini:
      display_errors = On
      error_reporting = E_ALL
    or you have following line in your script (equivalent to above setting, but affects only current script):
    You can read about error reporting in the PHP manual.
  4. you get your (unexpected) results in browser and not through some IDE
  5. your data isn't coded with UTF-16

Please let me know: