Firefox 3

Step-by-step tutorial

There are many who prefer, in best accordance with First Law of Informatics ("If everything else fails, read the manual!"), experiment with code of their own. Hats off to them; for the rest of you I have prepared this short guide. I hope you will find it useful.

For those who just began their adventure with PHP, I have prepared another tutorial, covering very basics of pjjTextBase usage (but still some knowledge of PHP is assumed.)

To make it a bit realistic and coherent, let's suppose we're going to prepare a new website, which presents all mystery novels written by Agatha Christie, plus gives posibility to comment each of them. (Bibliography of Agatha Christie's works comes from the Fantastic Fiction website.) I assume you have the basic knowledge about xHTML and PHP.

Please notice that this tutorial will not cover details which do not belong to the case, eg. there's no code for verifying user's data etc.

This tutorial will consist of following steps:

  1. Setting up script
  2. Data structure
  3. Setting up a database
  4. Selecting records
  5. Adding new records
  6. Final remarks